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TalkAnything - Episode 12 - Jean Arthur


Ever wonder how you can get cast in Hollywood? Today I chat with Jean Arthur, casting extraordinaire. Jean has worked on every type of project imaginable, from TV, commercials, to feature length movies. We discuss how she got into casting and what the process is like. If you're an actor looking for your big break, Jean offers some tips to get noticed. Follow Jean on Twitter and Instagram @JArthurCasting

TalkAnything - Episode 11 - Bryan Wilkerson


In this episode of the TalkAnything podcast, I talk to Bryan Wilkerson, a production coordinator. Bryan has worked all types of jobs in entertainment and currently works as an indie film producer on the side. Bryan offers great tips on how to get into the entertainment business if you're a total newbie. This is a great episode if you're unfamiliar with all the moving parts in a film or TV production. 

TalkAnything - Episode 10 - Rachael King


Rachael King is the Head of Communications at DogVacay, a company that helps pet owners find a place for their pets to stay when they go on vacation. Rachael has an awesome story about how she ended up at this fast growing startup. Her journey starts years ago, while she was at a job she hated, just blogging on her own. She used blogging, social media, and hustle to get to where she's at today. Amazing listen for any young professional.

TalkAnything - Episode 9 - Joe Cannon


This week's guest is Joe Cannon. Joe is the Director of Marketing at a company call Sports Studio. His job is to outfit nearly every commercial, TV show, and movie with sports apparel. So if you see a Gatorade commercial with a guy lifting weights, Joe probably supplied the weight lifting outfit. Joe and I discuss how he got into this business and what the deal is with logos. Why do you seem sometimes and why do you not see them other times? 

TalkAnything - Episode 8 - Gerald Tang


After a 3 week hiatus, I'm back with my guest, Gerald Tang. Gerald is a former neighbor and the author of Tangalang: Your 20s Focused Through a Lens of Erratic Rationality. We discuss how he got the idea for his book and the process of writing it. You can buy it on Amazon for Kindle or paperback.

Talk Anything - Episode 7 - Josh Trujillo


This week I talk to Josh Trujillo. Josh is an accomplished comic book author, author of Love Machines. Josh and I discuss how he got into the business, the challenges he faces building his brand, and what the future looks like for comic book writers and illustrators. 

TalkAnything - Episode 6 - Justin Alexio


I'm back! It's 2015 and the TalkAnything podcast has returned. My first guest of the new year is Justin Alexio. Justin is a stand up comedian in LA.

We discuss how he got into stand up, his journey to LA, and the experiences he's had in stand up and improv. Justin was also in a national Adobe commercial, so we get to hear his perspective on booking a national commercial (it wasn't like previous guest, Jon Weinberg).

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TalkAnything - Episode 5 - Jon Weinberg


In the fifth episode of the TalkAnything podcast, I talk with Jon Weinberg. Jon is an actor, producer, and director. Jon had the opportunity to be my first guest with my new microphone set up. Unfortunately, I'm still figuring out to set everything up, so it's still not perfect. But better than last week! 

Jon and I discuss what his journey into the entertainment industry. How he got his first gig, what it was like booking a national commercial for Microsoft, and what his experience has been getting his independent movie, Funeral Day made. 

Jon is the co-producer, co-director, and lead actor in the movie. Funeral Day is the darkly funny story of a man who skips his friend’s funeral in an attempt to start living life to the fullest. Along the way he quits his job, begs for a 2nd chance at love, attempts to look death in the face & of course gets his prostate milked all in the name of changing his life.

Let's help Jon get his film fully funded. His crowdfunding campaign is almost complete, with just a few days left. Any little bit helps. Contribute here.

Talk Anything - Episode 4 - Brittany Ashley


New podcast! This time I have a makeshift sound studio. I made it out of PVC pipe and blankets. It helps reduce echoes, now I just have to work on the sound levels. Almost there!

In this week's episode, I talk with Brittany Ashley, a young stand up comedian/writer in Los Angeles. You may recognize Brittany's face from your Facebook feed. She's often featured in Buzzfeed's video clips

Brittany and I talk about how writing in her college newspaper lead her down the path to stand up comedy, what it was like going through Second City Chicago, and being a young comedian in LA.

You can read Brittany's blog at You can also follower her on Twitter or Instagram.


Talk Anything - Episode 3 - Joe Matsushima

In the third episode of the Talk Anything podcast, I interview my friend, Joe Matsushima, co-founder of the viral video ad agency, Denizen Company. Denizen Company is behind many of the popular videos you see being shared on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

Throughout his career, Joe has been a part of major hits like, Trojan GamesSafe For Work PornLED Sheep, and Best Bus Stop Ever. Most recently, Joe co-created the mega hit, Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burritos. [You can read Joe's interview with the Washington Post here]

Joe and I discuss how he got into the ad business, the psychology behind video sharing, and how he knows if a video going to be a success. Enjoy!