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Talk Anything - Episode 2 - Part 1 - Emmy Benson

November 12, 2014

Welcome baaack! 

Here's the second episode of the Talk Anything podcast. It's a little better than last week, but I'm still light years behind Teri Gross. 

I spoke with my friend Emily Benson...err..Quanstrom. She just got married. What was supposed to be a 25 minute conversation about fall TV, turned into nearly a two hour gab fest. 

I cut out half of the conversation and then split the remaining audio into two parts. The first Emily and I discuss her recent marriage and the dilemma of what to do with her last name. Change it? Hyphenate it? What would you do? 

In the second part of the podcast, Emily and I gossip about our favorite TV drama, Scandal. If you're a fan of the show, tune in and hear our thoughts on what's going on in Season 4.