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Talk Anything - Episode 2 - Part 2 - Emily Benson

Here's the second part of of my conversation with Emily Benson. This time we chat about the TV show Scandal. 

Emily is the one who got me into the show. I don't normally watch dramas, but Scandal is action packed. There are numerous story lines going at one time and because I watch TV with a laptop, I miss a lot. Emily has always clued me in on all the details that I've missed as we speculate what's going to happen next. 
Join us for the next 40 minutes as Emily and I talk Scandal. 
Talk Anything is still being reviewed by iTunes, so if you prefer not to listen here, check out the SoundCloud page

Talk Anything - Episode 2 - Part 1 - Emmy Benson

Welcome baaack! 

Here's the second episode of the Talk Anything podcast. It's a little better than last week, but I'm still light years behind Teri Gross. 

I spoke with my friend Emily Benson...err..Quanstrom. She just got married. What was supposed to be a 25 minute conversation about fall TV, turned into nearly a two hour gab fest. 

I cut out half of the conversation and then split the remaining audio into two parts. The first Emily and I discuss her recent marriage and the dilemma of what to do with her last name. Change it? Hyphenate it? What would you do? 

In the second part of the podcast, Emily and I gossip about our favorite TV drama, Scandal. If you're a fan of the show, tune in and hear our thoughts on what's going on in Season 4. 



Talk Anything - Episode 1 - Kim Kohatsu

Welcome to the inaugural episode the of Talk Everything podcast! 

The idea for this podcast came about when I was having drinks with a friend and realized I have a lot of really interesting and smart friends. So I decided to start this podcast to share their stories and learn from their experiences. 

I'm going to ask you to bear with me on the with the first few episodes. I'm still sorting out all the technical aspects of a podcast. I don't have a microphone, so I sound like a dying horse in this one. It's not sexy at all. 

Kim Kohatsu is the first ever guest of the Talk Anything podcast. Since I've been slow to edit this episode, you can tell that it was taped weeks ago. 


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Coming Soon!

The Talk Anything podcast is is just about ready! Stay tuned for the podcast that will make you say, "huh?" #badrapjoke